Our Fees

Time and Materials ONLY!

Time and Materials ONLY!

Time and Materials ONLY!



$5 / minute (6am - 6pm weekdays)

$7 / minute (after hours, weekends, holidays)


$2 / minute 

(out and back from Main Street, Warrenton)


As incurred 

(meds, vaccines, bandages, etc.)

No 'Membership' Fees!

Time and Materials ONLY!

Time and Materials ONLY!


Concierge Fee: $0 

(we are NOT a 'concierge' practice)

Retainer Fee: $0 

(we are NOT a 'retainer' practice)

Payment for Services

No Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid

No Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid


-- Full Payment is due at the time of service

-- Cash, Check, or Credit Card

(VISA, MC, Discover, American Express)

(Each returned check incurs a $40 processing fee)

(Telemedicine services require a 10 min minimum fee payable by CC in advance, with any balance due upon conclusion of service)

No Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid

No Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid

No Insurance / Medicare / Medicaid


We are a private pay service

-- we do not accept or bill insurance

-- we do not accept or bill Medicare

-- we do not accept or bill Medicaid

**see below for a detailed explanation**

Frequent Questions Regarding Our Fees

Do you charge me a fee whenever your physician is addressing my needs?

Yes.  Any time spent by our physician providing you with services, or providing services on your behalf, will incur our care fee. This includes time spent on your site visits, your telehealth visits, your facility visits, your specialist visits, consulting other care providers on your behalf, scheduling your follow-ups, accompanying you to appointments, refilling your prescriptions, processing your lab results, answering your phone calls and emails, documenting your care, completing forms on your behalf, etc.

This approach of 'billing for time' is consistent with how most professionals receive compensation in exchange for their services, and is now an expanding approach in the health care industry. Experts are increasingly realizing that the archaic 'code-based' reimbursement system currently imposed by insurance companies is greatly flawed, and unfortunately forces providers to jam more and more patients through their offices in shorter and shorter amounts of time -- a horrible, no win arrangement for physicians and patients alike. Only the insurance companies win with this approach, which is why they insist upon it, and why we insist on not participating with insurance companies at this point.  

You are finally free to request as much, or as little, service from us as you like, without insurance restraints and restrictions. How refreshing is that?!

Why don't you participate with insurance, or with Medicare, or with Medicaid?

After 25 years of "playing the insurance game", we have witnessed first-hand how our nation's health insurance industry impedes the proper delivery of high quality health care -- focusing more on treatment than prevention, more on specialty care than primary care, more on volume of care than quality of care, more on documenting care than delivering care, and more on saving money than saving lives.

Like the other growing number of 'private pay' providers, we choose to focus our time, energy, and skill on patients, rather than insurance guidelines, pre-authorizations, medication formularies, denials, appeals, clicking all the required (but useless) checkboxes on computer screens, and so many other obstacles to good care imposed by insurance plans these days.  

We hope you agree and appreciate this freedom that mutually benefits both doctors and patients!

Can my payments to you be submitted to insurance plans for reimbursement?

No.  We have decided not to spend your valuable time documenting or 'coding' our services in the manner required by insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. So, although you are most welcome to receive copies of any of our documentation regarding your care, and receipts for any payments you make to us for that care, neither would be deemed acceptable to your insurance company or to Medicare/Medicaid for reimbursement.

Furthermore, Medicare has classified us as an "OPT OUT" provider, meaning we have signed an agreement with the government to "opt out" of participating with the Medicare program . . . this status mandates that neither we, nor you, attempt to bill Medicare for services that we have provided to you, or for payments that you have made to us. In fact, if you have Medicare, they require us to have you sign an agreement with us confirming that you understand our "opt out" status and its impact on you.

How can I afford your services if I can't use my insurance?

You may actually find that paying privately and directly for care -- where you want it, when you want it -- is not only worth any extra expense, but indeed, may end up being less expensive in the long run. Consider the following cost advantages we offer:

  1. We charge for the care you receive based solely on time, so you are in control . . . you choose how much, or how little, care time you require of our physician. If you have a simple matter that takes just 5 minutes to evaluate, you appropriately only pay for 5 minutes of care time!
  2. You save a tremendous amount of time by having us come to you, when and where you want us. No longer do you have to take a half day, or even a full day, off work to make it to an office appointment, then fight traffic, and waste valuable time in doctor waiting rooms and exam rooms. No longer do you need to impose on a neighbor for a ride, or hire a baby sitter to watch family members while you are at your appointment. No longer do immobile patients have to secure an expensive ambulance ride to and from the doctor's office -- sometimes costing as much as $500, or more.
  3. Staying at home to receive care, particularly wellness and preventative care, keeps you from getting exposed to contagious bacteria and viruses present in physician and hospital waiting rooms, exam rooms, and rest rooms -- possibly saving you from days or weeks of unnecessary illness.
  4. Studies currently underway nationwide are confirming that home-based care is of higher quality, and that care, along with the individualized, rapid, on-site intervention available to home patients when they become ill, can reduce expensive ER visits, urgent care visits, and even hospital stays, not to mention missed time from work - saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a given illness (and potentially tens of thousands of dollars when a hospitalization is avoided.)

And with today's high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance, many 'insured' patients are really only insured for 'catastrophic' care . . . they end up having to 'self-pay' for front-line care anyhow, so they realize that there is minimal difference paying directly out-of-pocket for private vs. insured primary care.

Many advantages for you to consider!