I am not home-bound . . . can I still have you come to my house?

Yes.  Our mobile services are available to ANYONE in our service area who would like to be seen at home (or any other location of their choice), whether they NEED mobile services (due to being homebound), or they simply PREFER mobile services (for the convenience, the time savings, the premier services offered, and/or the less rushed and more personalized approach to their care).

Can you provide all of my primary care or do I need an office-based primary care provider?

Your Choice.  We can provide ALL of your primary care -- OR -- you can establish and maintain an office-based primary care provider who offers you certain care in the office, while we offer complementary care on a mobile basis. For example, you can have us "do it all" -- conducting annual physicals, labs, EKGs, vaccines, and med refills, as well as tending to the acute needs you have during the year (bronchitis, UTI, migraine, etc.) -- OR -- you can get your physicals, labs, EKGs, and vaccines through an office-based physician, but have us tend to any acute needs you have during the year. Any combination works, and if another provider is involved, we pledge to do an excellent job of keeping them informed about any care we provide.

Our recommendation is that our patients keep an office-based physician, for two main reasons:

  1. If you need services that ARE covered by insurance (like certain vaccines), getting those services from your office-based physician will enable you to take advantage of that coverage (whereas getting them from us will not).
  2. We currently employ only 1 physician, and if that physician is not available for any reason (a full schedule, a medical conference, a vacation), having an office practice to fall back on in an urgent situation would obviously be beneficial to avoid having to wait, or seek care from an urgent care center or an emergency room.

I am visiting the area . . . can I utilize your services?

Yes.  Whether staying with family or friends, staying in a motel, hotel, conference center, or campsite, our mobile services are available to you!

I am in the ER and being admitted to the hospital . . can you be my doctor?

One of them.  Our physician can definitely be involved in your hospital stay. However, all hospitals now employ and provide their own team of hospital-based physicians (known as "hospitalists") to admit and manage "inpatients" . . . hospitalists are "in charge" during your stay. Working alongside the hospitalists, at your request, our physician can see you, examine you, review orders, consult with you and your hospitalists, and make recommendations . . . he cannot admit you, order tests or procedures, or discharge you . . . all "orders" must come from the hospitalists.

I am in a rehab facility / nursing home . . . can you be my doctor?

One of them.  Rehab hospitals are classified as "post-acute" care facilities and nursing homes are classified as "long-term" care facilities. Our physician has extensive experience working in both, and even earned a special certification for medical directorship of these types of facilities. He can definitely be involved in your post-acute or long-term care stay. However, like hospitals, these settings typically provide dedicated "attending" physicians to admit, render orders, and discharge patients. Our physician, at your request, can see you, examine you, review orders, consult with your attending physician, nurses, and therapists, and make recommendations to you and your care team. He cannot admit you, order tests or procedures, or discharge you . . . all "orders" must come from the attending physician.

I am in an assisted living facility . . . can you be my doctor?

Yes.  If you are a resident of an assisted living facility or a senior housing complex within our service area, our physician may agree to be your doctor ("attending physician") at the facility, depending on the location of the facility, his relationship with the facility, and his availability when you are admitted.

Can you order EKGs, labs, and X-rays?

Yes.  We can perform EKGs on-site. When needed, our physician can generate orders for appropriate labs and X-rays. Ambulatory patients will be directed to convenient area draw stations for blood and urine collection, while immobile patients may have their blood and urine collected on site. Likewise, X-rays may be obtained at imaging centers for those who can make it there, or via mobile X-ray services for homebound patients.

Will you get me the results of my labs and other tests?

Yes.  All test results will be conveyed to you as soon as our physician has a chance to review them, usually within 2 business days of receipt. It should never take more than 7 days to be contacted about your results, so if you have not heard back after one week, contact us. In general, test results that are normal will be either e-mailed or mailed to you, while abnormal test results will be phoned to you. You will be able to view all test results on our patient portal, once they have been reviewed and posted.

Can you refill my medications when needed?

Yes.  Like most medical practices nowadays, our electronic medical record system can connect to any pharmacy (in the entire nation) and electronically transmit prescriptions for new medications and/or refills, whenever needed. Simply call, text, e-mail or fax your refill request to us, specifying medication needed, dose, frequency, # needed, and which pharmacy. Please allow 2 full business days for us to process refill requests. (Reminder: we do not prescribe or refill chronically-used controlled substances, including narcotics and benzodiazepines).

My medications have been changed again - can you help?

Yes.  One of the most confusing (and dangerous) issues facing those on prescription medications is the adding, subtracting, and changing of their prescribed medications by specialists, hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies. "Too many chefs in the kitchen" can be detrimental with regard to medication management. We often find that patients have been mistakenly advised to add duplicate medications (just different brands), stop critical medications (due to misdirection or confusion), and/or start taking new medications that do not "get along" with the rest of their medications. Our physician will routinely review any and all of your medications, along with any changes, to be sure that each one seems appropriate and consistent with your overall health status, that they are all safe to use with one another, that you are taking them at the appropriate times each day, and that they are ordered and refilled in a timely manner.

I am scheduled to see a few specialists and get some tests . . . I'm confused . . . can you help?

Yes.  One of the unique services we offer is the availability to assist you with all that is involved regarding follow-up visits with specialists, tests, procedures, and the like. We can help you decide what is needed and in what order. We can help you select doctors, facilities, and therapists. We can help you schedule and prepare for visits. AND, we can even accompany you to any of your appointments, especially if you want help interfacing with other providers and facilities. We know what questions to ask and how to interpret medical answers that can often seem like an unknown foreign language to those not in the medical field.

Can I contact you with questions about my health?

Yes.  Contact us about your blood pressure readings, glucose readings, symptoms, medications, test results, recommended screenings, etc. Please feel free to contact us by phone, text, email, or fax with any questions you have for our physician regarding your health and well-being. We will respond promptly at our earliest availability.

I have forms that need to be completed . . . can you do this for me?

Yes.  We can take a look at any forms that you need our help with, either for advice and assistance, or for actual completion by our physician - forms from work, school, DMV, government, DNR, etc. If we are not able to address a particular form, we will know who can.

Do you keep a record of the care I receive and do I have access to that?

Yes.  Like most medical practices nowadays, documentation of your medical history, allergies, medications, family medical history, visit encounters, test results, and preventative care is all kept up to date on an electronic medical record system. Our system additionally offers a patient portal, enabling you to access these records as needed through a secure, password-protected website.

Do you take steps to keep my information secure and confidential?

Yes.  Both as a licensed medical practice, and out of our moral duty, we are obligated to keep your medical and personal information private, confidential, and secure. We pledge not to divulge such information to anyone without your expressed written permission, and your entire medical record is maintained in an encrypted, password protected electronic medical record system to which only we and you have access.

Does your company have any guiding principles?

Yes.  We pledge to be competent, professional, confidential, trustworthy, fair, organized, efficient, informative, cooperative, responsive, compassionate, and respectful - all key attributes of a high-quality health care provider . . . rare these days, but we're bringing quality back! Please let us know if you feel we are not meeting this pledge.

Are there any patients you are not available to serve?

Yes.  We will only serve patients who we feel are committed partners in our quest to optimize their good health and well-being, and who treat us with mutual respect and professionalism. Patients who demonstrate behavior which we deem harmful to themselves, or to our relationship with them, will not be served. We also will not serve patients whose needs we deem to be beyond our capability to meet, or those whose location we deem to be outside our service area, the boundaries of which can vary greatly, depending on our availability at any given time. Also, we do not serve tobacco users or patients requiring chronic use of controlled substances, such as narcotics and benzodiazepines. Ultimately, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to decline initiating and/or continuing care to any individual patient, for any reason whatsoever. However, notwithstanding the above, we will never discriminate against any patient with regard to race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, gender, or disability. Patients under our care, who we determine are ineligible to continue receiving our care for whatever reason, will be given proper advanced written notice, per state guidelines. 

Is it true that tobacco users are ineligible for your services?

Yes.  We have a company policy that disqualifies anyone who uses tobacco products from receiving our services. This policy may seem odd and unconventional on its surface, but is actually very consistent with our focus of promoting health, preventing disease, and partnering with each patient to optimize their good health and well-being. With the widespread knowledge that tobacco-use is our nation's #1 preventable cause of illness, disease, and death, we contend that anyone who continues to use tobacco at this point, and in doing so willingly accepts the numerous associated risks, clearly lacks the commitment to their health that we look for in a successful health-care partnership with our patients.

Can you summarize the Pros and Cons of what you have to offer?


  • The same basic primary care services available in-office are brought to you
  • Many unique health services available, not typically offered by in-office care
  • The ultimate in convenience and privacy
  • A commitment to premier quality (see guiding principles above)
  • Personalized physician care, with adequate time to truly meet your needs
  • No insurance companies interfering between you and your physician
  • You may keep your office-based primary care physician, if you like
  • High-quality care available to those who have difficulty leaving home
  • You do not have to be home-bound to use our services
  • Avoid having to take off work for an appointment
  • Avoid having to ask a family member or neighbor for transport, or to babysit
  • Avoid traffic, long waits in office, and exposure to contagious patients
  • Avoid the high cost of medical transport / ambulances for immobile patients
  • Avoid the high cost of urgent cares and emergency rooms, if possible
  • Visitors, guests, and travelers have access to quality care, quick and easy
  • Choose a place, day, and time convenient to you
  • Choose precisely just what services you would like to receive
  • Choose precisely just how much physician time you would like, no limits!
  • Telehealth options exist (phone, text, e-mail, fax)
  • Avoid unknown charges, fees, copays, coinsurance, and deductibles; you know the fees up front and can control them - completely transparent.


  • Fees due and payable at time of service . . . not billed to insurance
  • Medicare beneficiaries must sign a "contract" acknowledging non-coverage
  • Physician travel time is billable as an additional fee (although at a reduced rate)
  • We have no office; ALL visits must be at your location
  • Severe weather conditions / traffic may interfere with planned visits
  • Currently only 1 physician, so occasionally service will be unavailable
  • Service not available to tobacco users or those requiring controlled substances

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